Free period information

Please try for 30 days with free subscription fee

*There will be additional cost for
medical consultation, medical examination, medicine delivery, etc.

Subscription Fee

550Yen / Month (Tax Included)

Available services

message OHDr Hotline

If you have concerns such as "Do I have to go to the hospital?", please feel free to contact us via LINE / FB Messenger.

Medical institution reservation

If it is necessary to see a doctor after our consultation, OHDr will make a reservation under your name.

Medical consultation / Medical consultation report

If you prefer consultation on video call, please apply for "medical consultation" (1,000 yen per time). You can also request a medical consultation report (3,500 yen per report).

Medical examination / prescription

If you would like to receive a diagnosis or prescription on video call, please apply for "medical examination". The average examination fee is about 790 yen to 1,000 yen (*) depending on the examination. You can pick up your medicine at your nearest pharmacy or have it delivered to your home.

Speech Therapy

If you would like to consult with a speech therapist on video call, apply for "speech therapy". In order to improve communication and treat dysphagia, evaluation and training tailored to the patient are possible based on the consultation. We also accept training consultations for families.

* Average fee is when applying insurance. A health insurance card is required to apply insurance. When the examination is out of the application range of insurance, the average fee is around 1,300 to 4,000 yen. Medicine cost is to be paid by the customer.